Friday, January 16, 2009

Margaret Mitchell House

Add Image This is the Margaret Mitchell House. It is the home where Margaret was living when she wrote "Gone With The Wind". The house, which was built in 1899, was divided into 10 small apartments in 1919. Margaret and her husband John moved into Apt. #1 in 1925 when it was known as the Crescent Apartments. She wrote the famous novel while living there The place didn't quite look this nice when Margaret lived there.

Apparently, during Margaret's time living there, the place was not as nice as it is today (it was restored in 1996). She lovingly called it "the dump", which is also what many locals called it before restoration, since the place was falling apart. There were 'mysterious fires' that occurred during restorations - apparently set by arsonist and thought to have been racially motivated (as far as I know, no one was ever caught or charged with the incidents).

I learned more about Margaret there then I thought I would. She apparently was quite the fun-loving girl. She and John moved out in 1932. If you are ever in Atlanta, I recommend this place-especially if you are a GWTW fan.


  1. I've been there. I was really struck by how small the house was, even if you lived in the whole thing. These days, no one with the kind of fame she had would lived that crammed up.

  2. I agree Julie - it is a decent size home for a single family but can't believe it was split up into 10 apts ! Her apt had a living room, bedroom, teeny tiny bath and teeny tiny kitchen. She worked as an AJC writer at the time, there is no way I could live in a place that small today :-)