Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you fed the waterhead babies?

There are not a lot of covered bridges left anymore, but one remains and it has been sitting over Nickajack Creek since 1872. It is a one lane bridge and it the most traveled covered bridge in Georgia (it is on quite a busy road). You have to take turns going through it (one side goes, then the other side). I like that it has been left and still remains a one lane bridge.

Remants from Ruff's Mill (the scene of a Civil War battle) as well as ruins of the dam and parts of the old grist mill is still nearby. Also Miller's house is right next to the bridge and still serves as a residence (I have been informed by some friends that it is supposedly haunted, but

The bridge has somewhat of a local legend. The legend of the waterhead babies at the covered bridge is to park your car on the bridge, leave a snickers bar on top of the car, turn off the lights and wait until you hear the scurrying of children's feet which means the waterhead babies are coming - I guess they like Snicker's bars because supposedly it will be gone once you get out to look back at the roof of your car. I think the legend is that the snicker-eating goblins are actually ghost of some children that drowned in the creek.

If you are nearby, make sure you have a Snicker's bar with you. Let me know if you try it (I'm too much of a chicken)

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  1. i did this it is true it scared me to death. all you hear is something climb on your roof then sit down then you hear what sounds like someone or something eating the candy bar it sounds scary. then if your not to chicken you can get out when it is eating to see it for a second but then he disapers.(never did that) but when he is done eating you can hear him climb off the car and run back to water under the bridge where he died back in the civil war era as a baby. the towns people thought he was dead witch was true but lets just say that he never left the bridge...